Thursday, September 6, 2007

A Couple of Great Books for the Little Ones

As you can see in the "about me" section, the inspiration for the name of this blog came from my mother. But frankly, I had forgotten about her use of that term of endearment(?) until years ago when I saw the book Princess Smartypants. Its a wonderful book for the little ones with a different kind of "happily ever after" than is usually fed to them from a very small age. I highly recommend it.

Another book that I just love for the little ones is The Paperbag Princess. This one does a bit of role reversal in who saves whom from the dragon.

And here's a little music to go with that reading:


  1. Hi Nancy, er, I mean Smartypants :o)
    I didn't want to leave a reply in the first post , so I'm replying here. I actually hadn't decided to yet to make my blog public because I haven't really posted anything worthwhile beside the tunes. But since you have me linked already I suppose instead of asking for a little more time I better get busy doing something serious with it huh? :o)

    You've done a lot here in just a few days, so I can tell you're eager to get a lot of ideas and thoughts out. These little personal blogs are a great outlet and even when people come by and comment it still has a personal diary, safe place feel to it.

  2. Super, I wondered whether I should post a link to you blog yet. But then I thought 2 things:

    First of all, I doubt anyone much will visit here - other than folks who might see the link at ECFS, so I thought your "secret" would be safe.

    And second, I thought it might motivate you to get going on it.

    Maybe that last one worked!! :)

  3. Hey Nanc,

    Looks good over here. I think you will enjoy your new home. I'll stop by to visit, for sure.

    Congrats on your new venture.


  4. So nice to see you Shirl. I'm sure enjoying it so far. Hope to see you around!