Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Music Mood

I invite you to take a look at the video to the right of here and just under my intro. Its by Anthony Hamilton and the pictures are from the HBO series "The Wire." Anyone who knows me is aware that I am addicted to that show.

When folks complain about the lack of meaningful music in our world today, I think they are not listening to the likes of Anthony Hamilton. I'd say he's our Marvin Gaye for today. Great soulful voice and speaking to our times.

In the same vein, I also love this one by Black Eyed Peas:


  1. Hi Nancy,
    sorry for not checking in sooner here or at my bare bones place but i didn't get back here until Tuesday and I've been busy with different things since then. I might write something about last Saturday and I might not. To me it was more of the same even though a fair amount of people got arrested this time and it made some of the news.

    About meaningful music though,
    I'm guilty of bitching about the lack of creativity and depth in a lot of the music I hear nowadays but the truth is, there's always been a generation that came before who complained about their modern music and it's lack of depth or meaning. And even though i complain myself and shake my head sometimes at what I hear, every song, just about anyway, is meaningful to someone. i remember getting in a little argument with Arthur Gilroy at BMT over that concept. My side being that music is music no matter how awful it may be to any one set of ears or sensibilities. It doesn't mean I care for it. But even the simpleat, dumbest, sugarryist ;o) lovesong has the power to make someone smile or cry or, most important of all, sing! :o)
    AG had a hard time wrapping his elitist musician's head around that and nearly called me a heretic! Then he brought out his secret weapon...Milli Vanilli! LOL! What could I possibly respond with at that point? :o)

    you're doing well here :o)

  2. Hey Super, glad to hear from you. I'd love to hear some of your "musings" about the event - no matter what your conclusions.

    And yeah, I remember reading those discussions with AG about music. There was a part of me that thought he was just being elitist about his own kind of music, but he sure made me think.

    And then this weekend, I was out of town for a retreat with my book group friends. Saturday night we went to a "supperclub" out in rural MN where there was a dancefloor and a DJ. We got out there to dance and just as we were getting warmed up, he played "Play That Funky Music White Boy." I'm sure its complete drivel as far as music goes. And yet I had a spiritual experience just letting my mind and body go. It was like some primitive time around the fire - just feeling it to my bones and expressing it through my body. There was something about that music that did it for me. I can't explain it...but there it is.

  3. I change the video's in my "music mood" section every few days, so the one I referred to in this diary is gone. But, just in case anyone comes along and reads this, here's a link.