Sunday, September 30, 2007

What's so great about blogging

In the last couple of days, I've had some fun with blogging. All the different voices out there that I'd never have the priviledge of hearing in real life are all right here on the screen for me if I take just a little bit of time to find them. I do find that I have to limit it to short trips or I get overwhelmed and don't have time to process. But here's an example of a couple of trips I've made lately.

As I said in the diary below, I did some thinking about the Jena 6 situation yesterday. All of this started with a diary posted by Nezua over at The Unapologetic Mexican. He has a great blogroll for issues like this, so I started out by going over to see what Blackamazon was saying about it. There I found a post where she bared her emotional soul about how exhausted she gets in trying to carry her message forward. And I also found a link to elle's post about the burden we place on African Americans in order to join in the causes that are important to them. And from there, I followed a link to African American Political Pundit where he talks about the liberal blogoshpere and media being MIA on the Jena 6 issue.

Then, this morning, I find that mitzvahmom paid a visit here in the diary about books my group chose to read this year. She's obviously very interested in Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the author of "Infidel" and is doing lots of research trying to understand her. At her blog, I found a link to diosabaytuti at political and cross-cultural musings. I can't find a lot of direct information about this writer, but she does indicate that she teaches ESL, is a "minority" and has a fascination with understanding Saudi Arabian culture, especially as it relates to the treatment of women. And finally, her post took me to the blog of Madhab al-Irfy, who I believe is Pakistani and grew up in Australia. He (among other things)is a freelance writer with lots of interesting things to say about Islam in that part of the world.

Where else can you go to meet such interesting people in a couple of hours...all without leaving your couch!!


  1. the same could be said about any encounters with you! hope you're doing good, smartypants

  2. Thanks Manny!! I'm doing well, but a bit tired today - you know, all that real-world work life and all. I'm currently involved in some AMAZING conversations with folks in this community about how we should deal with kids who are challenging adults. Would you believe that a group of 30-50 kids are hanging out at their local library because they have no place else to go. Because they are kids of color, they're not really there to read books and they can get mouthy when folks expect the worst of them, the whole community is in an uproar. And they want a full-time armed police officer to be stationed in the library to control the kids. So yeah, we're going to arrest them for saying f-you to the librarian and then wonder why kids of color are over-represented in the justice system. So that's my life right now - trying to say that we can do better.

    Sorry for the rant. Thanks for asking.

    Hope your doing good these days!!