About Me

I'm a pragmatic progressive who believes in the long game and is always looking for the big picture.

My writing is influenced by a long journey out of conservative Christian fundamentalism, professional experience as a family therapist and nonprofit executive director, a distaste for conventional wisdom and a sometimes maddening attraction to asking the hard questions.

Over the years I've been known as NLinStPaul and Smartypants on this and various other blogs.

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  1. So glad you rediscovered your inner smartypants and are sharing it with us.

  2. Brava! You go, Miss Smartypants!

    I was called a "skinny-connected gas pipe," which, endearing as it was, I don't think would make a very good blog title. :)

  3. Love your blog and subscribing now.

  4. I like your blog. Although a lefty, I've become more pragmatic with age. I agree, what's seen as weakness or folding by Pres. Obama is usually long-game pragmatism -- just wish that were communicated better to his base.

    (I'll try to overlook the superfluous "m" in your URL. Not easy, but I'll try.)

  5. You have a great blog here, and I share your posts on my Facebook page, known among members as the Liberal news feed, nearly every day.

    Keep up the great work of helping the rest of us make sense of what's going on and making it easier for us to express ourselves.

    (FB page is down at the moment. FB seems to have some sort of security issue. The Liberal News Feed will be back as soon as FB figures this problem out)

  6. Princess Smartypants wanted to live in a castle with her pets and do exactly as she pleased.

    That sounds GREAT!!! May I please come along?
    My house is on its way to reclassification as a "hovel" any day now. My brother borrowed my tiara two years ago & I realize it's never coming home.

    This is my first visit to your blog, and it's such fun. (I'll be back after figuring out how to comment while logged in!)

    In summary, you rock.

    1. Yeah well, that castle thing isn't happening for me either. But two outta three ain't bad, hun?


  7. Time for us all to get smart this election. I'm the wacky peacemaker, going around thinking I'm crazy for holding on to my dreams and calling--then I got wise and got crazier. You go, girl. Time for us all to find our inner being and bring her out! The Republicans / Tea Party members better watch out because in the end, we're gonna uproot their brand.

  8. I like your blog, been reading it since earlier in the year. As a AA mormon small business owner, Pres Obama, is the one who is thaking us "Forward"! So glad most of us in this country realize the "gifts" we have been given, are to be shared, as the Savior taught. Keep up the good work!

  9. From one Miss Sartypants to another, thank you for your smart pants.